Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pickster One - Live in Paris

As i had said in the previous post, the excitement of UM's newest endeavor "Downtime: a Night at The Lost Leaf with Pickster One" has completely engulfed our camp. Remember in the film "The Shining" how jack had been sitting at his desk typing the same words over and over.“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The word "Downtime" has about the same frequency in our lives at this time, we just don't use typewriters anymore. Or show any signs of going mad with an axe anytime soon for that matter. Either way it's at the forefront of our minds and soon after you experience your first Tuesday night at The Lost Leaf I'm sure it'll be at the forefront of yours as well. However, as an American male living in this ad driven technological age I certainly know the value of a little prompting and coaxing. So let's say for some odd reason you've missed the constant communicative bombardment of promotional bulletins, comments, and updates being laid out for you every time you log onto your social network of choice. Let's say you haven't received enough flyer's for Downtime to make a paper mache battleship out of yet. Let us say, my friends, that you're just simply not 100% convinced that all work and no play will in fact make you a dull boy, or girl if that's what you are. Let us both pretend any or all of that is true and you need just a little more prompting. A bit more coaxing to come out next Tuesday. Then let me coax you with Pickster One's live instrumental mix recorded in Paris, France on Campus Radio 93.9 FM. You'll need no more my friend. This intricate mix is just a sketch of what you can expect from Downtime every other Tuesday at The Lost Leaf in Downtown Phoenix. This Pickster One mixture is one so involved that it sucks you into it's various moods over the course of the 46 tracks contained. I suggest listening to it while waiting for the first rail of the day to take you home after a night downtown at The Leaf with the clouds hanging low in the Phoenix sky. Or just anywhere else you may have a stereo i suppose. You'll be impressed either way. Enjoy.

Download: Pickster One Live in Paris, France

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