Saturday, February 7, 2009

P.O.S. - Never Better Tour 09'

If you're at all familiar with the Rhymesayers camp, and I've seen you at the shows so I know you are, then you've no doubt noticed a lot of commotion surrounding one of their very prolific artists recently. That artist is no other then the Minneapolis born MC Stefon Alexander. You probably know him better as P.O.S. of the mighty Doomtree crew. Rhymesayers released P.O.S.'s newest album Never Better earlier this week and wasted absolutely no time in launching the coinciding tour. I mean no time at all. When Fifth Element opened it's doors to a crowd of fans eager to get their hands on a copy of Never Better at midnight this past week they were treated to a performance from P.O.S. and DJ Papertiger. The following day Stef, as they call him in his hometown, grouped up with DJ Plain Ole Bill and special Doomtree guests Sims as well as Mictlan + Lazerbreak as Hand Over Fist to officially launch the Never Better Tour 09. The tour will be stopping by The Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe this upcoming Wednesday the 11th and we've just add very special hometown AZ guests The Insects to the bill to make this very affordable all ages show all the more ill for you. Tickets are only $10 presale at Eastide Records (Tempe), Stinkweeds (Phoenix), and all valley Zia locations. Or you can click the flyer below or visit to cop your online tickets.

You know i can't leave you without a few treats so I've decided to include the video for P.O.S.'s new single Drumroll. This video is intense and pulls you into it's grip before you even hear his first verse as he's huddled up for cover behind an abandoned car. Make sure to scroll through the rest of the videos to see the making of this video as well as special messages regarding the album straight from P.O.S. and the Rhymesayers camp.

Click the link below to download the single "Goodnight" off Never Better.

P.O.S. - Goodnight

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