Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Insects feat. Pep Love - Switch

Once in awhile a track will come along that stops a person where they stand. Usually in these situations the halt in activity is almost immediately followed by the scrunching of ones face, sort of like they smell poo, then the nodding of ones head repeatedly. Recently my man Foundation, of Drunken Immortals and The Insects fame, gave me a few of his new mixtapes that he had left over from a recent tour of Europe with (fellow Vinyl Rocker) Pickster One and 2mex. So as I was preparing a set of CDJ's a few nights later for the Wu Tang Clan's sound check, Pickster and I decided to pop them in for check. Well here's where it all ties in. After a few dry mic checks it came time to check the mic's with some music behind them. As soon as the music, which just happened to be the The Insects' track "Switch" from the upcoming album Gone started, heads turned, noses wrinkled, and heads began nodding in unison. Sometime after that Pep Love's voice came in with the first lines of the song and all around it looked like the imaginary shit smell heightened as the heads started banging so hard that i'm sure some cats needed to see a "massage therapist" later that night. Bottom line is, if Wu's camp is feeling it, I know each and every one of you will be getting massages soon from excessive head nodding. Keep an eye out for Foundation's upcoming mixtape release party and The Insects upcoming release Gone.


The Insects (feat. Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics) - Switch

Try clicking the 2mex link for the infamous "Euef Dur Challenge" video from the 808 and Handshakes Tour of Europe last summer.
2mex+Pickster One+Foundation+
Sweaty Eggs = Fucking Hillarious!

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