Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grip Grand - "Brokelore"

Bay Area MC/PRODUCER GRIP GRAND Made some noise in the Hip-Hop scene with his Underground Gem "Poppin Pockets" Dj's all across the US and Europe grabbed that song and played the shit outta it. Including Me haha. Grip is back with his new LP "Brokelore" which brings that Bay Area Fire (Non Hyphy Folks) Spitting like i have grown to love. You can Usually see Grip running around town wit the REC LEAGUE RECORDS cats or with his homie bay area mc, RITCHIE CUNNING you'll hear more about him in a later post. But peep the tracks, if ya feelin it. Go out and swoop up "Brokelore" so my man Grip can get another cheese burger value meal..

DOWNLOAD & LISTEN Grip Grand - Poppin Pockets
DOWNLOAD & LISTEN Grip Grand - 96 tears MF Shalam mix
DOWNLOAD & LISTEN Grip Grand - Showtime (Thats Entertainment)


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