Saturday, July 12, 2008

Outasight - Radio New York

These days its real hard to get away with singing in underground hip hop. It really hasn't been pulled off that much. In Commercial Hip-Hop its been pulled off and is now pretty much a staple in a hit song. Enter OUTASIGHT from New York, New York. While shopping his first Ep "Employee Of The Year" he was told he was good, but not good for the radio. So he decided to make his album, The Radio. "Radio New York" is a great album pulling off Mc'ing and Singing on an underground Album, Yet still grabbing that Commercially Sounding Audience at the same time. He made the smart move in making both his EP, And new Album FREE downloads on Blogs and Myspace. Good move for an upcoming artists trying to establish themselves.

Here is 2 tracks to Listen and Download off "Radio New York"
DOWNLOAD & LISTEN Outasight- Good Evening(Dream Big)
DOWNLOAD & LISTEN Outasight- Something To Talk About

And if ya feeling those songs...
DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM Outasight - Radio New York

Here is a Interview from Outasight on Crack Distribution Radio

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rachel said...

talented mofo. fuck, i wish i could sing and rap.